Ladies Circle


Ladies Just Having Fun! Come Join In!

The Ladies Circle was established in the early 1950bs as a social gathering. They meet at National Hall the second Tuesday of the month from 10:30 to 12:00 to have a covered dish luncheon and play games and work on community service projects. This year they are collecting non-perishables food for the Tarrant County Food Bank and each year they make a donation to S.P.J.S.T lodge #92 for the continuation of Czech Heritage. They also take day trips to varied entertainment venues.
The dues are $4 a year and anyone who enjoys games and socializing are welcome.


President:  Gloria Farek
Vice President:  Alice Barnes
Secretary/Reporter:  Evelyn Scaff
Treasurer:  Pauline Morbitzer
Hostess Chairperson:  Mary Ann Kozel



Gloria Farek, Bessie Ellsworth, Evelyn Scaff and Mary Ann Kozel with food donations from a recent meeting

Packing up the donated food for the Tarrant County Food Bank Czech Heritage Day Sept. 17, 2005


The Ladies Circle sponsored the popular cake walk between breaks during the dance.